Mr Teen SA Entry Form

Terms and conditions:

I hereby enter the Mr. Teen South Africa 2020 competition and acknowledge that I will be from here on out, required to portray and carry myself and the Mr. Teen South Africa brand respectfully and to the best of my abilities. I understand that failing to do so or breaching any of the Competition rules and regulations will result in elimination from the competition. I agree to adhere to the timelines of all challenges and will report my results to the Mr. Teen South Africa support team timeously. Should I win the competition, I will represent my brands to the best of my abilities and adhere to the guidelines as set out by them Mr. Teen South Africa management team and continue to be a symbol of inspiration and motivation. Failing to do so will result in titles being taken away and all prizes to be given back / paid back to the Mr. Teen South Africa pageant.

Mr. Teen South Africa reserves the right to reject / eliminate any application or contestant not complying with the competition’s rules, guidelines and or brand values. I have paid my entry fee of R500.00 to the details provided below and understand that failing to do so, I will not be entered the competition.

Payment details: 

Payments to be made via EFT to:

K2018246419 ta Mr. SA, Nedbank,

Cheque account,

Account number 1186333812,

Branch code: 10690900

Requirements with the form above:
• You are between 12 and 17 years old.

• Formal Head & Shoulder shots.
• All photos must be clear and good quality.


Upload your Proof of Payment and Headshots here. Your application will NOT be processed without them.

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Examples of Head & Shoulder shot:

On white backdrop wearing white formal shirt, black or dark tie or bowtie and black or dark formal jacket. Good Quality Photos.

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